How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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get rid of stretch marks

What can ruin our body image just as easily as cellulite? If your answer was stretch marks

you are correct! Stretch marks look like small white scars under the skin. Why do these tiny scars appear? They are caused when the internal layers of your skin are ruptured. When stretch marks initially appear they will be reddish in color. This is not a good thing, but it does allow you the opportunity to heal your damaged skin before they become permanent stretch marks. These reddish lines are a sign that your skin has not completely separated yet. However, when your stretch marks turn while they are cicatrized.

Unfortunately, it is considered impossible to remove white stretch marks on your own. You will need to seek professional help.

How can you get rid of stretch marks at home? It is still possible to remove them if they are still in their red stage. At this stage the stretch marks are less than a year old. Stretch marks that are older than this can only be removed with plastic surgery or certain cosmetic procedures. If you are proactive when they are still fresh and new then you will not need to worry about this.

Two very useful procedures for the removal of stretch marks are glass cupping massages and coffee peeling. It is important that you have these procedures done regularly. If you are consistent and perform these procedures regularly the stretch marks will be gone within 6 – 12 months.

Garnier Bodytonic Anti celullite Gel
Garnier Bodytonic Anti celullite Gel

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Gel cream Minceur Cafe Vert Yves Rocher

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Anti stretch marks cream Perfect Body Oriflame

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Retinol Anti Stretch Marks RoC

The glass cupping massage is a technique which will need to be performed daily for 20 – 30 minutes each day. Purchase silicone cupping glass and orange oil from a local pharmacy. Rinse the glass thoroughly before use, then apply the oil to the stretch mark area and surrounding skin. Place the glass against your afflicted area and make circular movements around the stretch marks. Begin these circular motions from the outside, then slowly move the spiral closer to the center of the stretch marks. Please note that this massage technique is considered painful if it is done correctly. If you are enjoying it then you are either into that sort of thing or you are doing it wrong.


Coffee peeling should be performed after a hot shower and before the massage. In order to perform this removal technique you will need to procure left over coffee grounds that have been allowed to dry. Take 2 – 3 spoonfuls of dried coffee, it should look sort of like a cake mix, and apply that amount to each zone that is meant to be peeled. Apply it with round movements and let it sit for a few minutes. Now rinse the coffee grounds off and begin the cupping massage for maximum benefit. Once the massage is completed it is a good idea to apply an anti-stretch mark product to the afflicted area. Use this peeling process no more than twice per week. Do not store this ‘coffee cake’ for more than one week.

What plastic surgery and professional salon procedures can help remove stretch marks? Check out the most effective procedures here!

Meso Therapy

Medication is injected into the afflicted area using very thing needles. This will further the healing of damaged tissue and improve blood flow. This stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis. The procedure requires many injections in order to supply enough medication to resolve the issue. Once the injection process is complete you will need to wait a while to see how well it worked.

TCA EasyPeel

This is a medical procedure used to heal scars. It does not require skin preparation and consists of two specific steps. The first step involves applying a special solution for the peel. The second step involves removal of the peel. This procedure will force massive skin tissue regeneration. It is considered a safe and efficient procedure.

Le SKIN V6 Technology

This technology acts upon problem areas, by delivering oxygen to skin cells. This improves both the flow of blood and lymph node drainage. The LE SKIN V6 procedure is a vacuum massage based on reflexotherapy.


This procedure is the seaweed body wrap so many of us have heard about. The process involves wrapping the afflicted area with seaweed, sea salt, and sea mud. It is quite effective at lifting the skin and intensifying metabolic processes.

How to get rid of stretch marks

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a series of ozone-oxygen mixture injections applied to problem areas. These injections are performed using short, super thin, needles. This process is very efficient as a noticeable effect can be seen after the first procedure. Ozone therapy repairs microcirculation and stimulates the oxidation-reduction process that leads to the removal of unsightly stretch marks.

Anti Smagliature cream Venus
Anti Smagliature cream Venus

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Body Balm Centella Yves Rocher

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Express Ocealgue Daniel Jouvance

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Body Tonic Lotion Freeman Feeling Beautiful


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  1. Coconut Oil can be used to help get rid of white stretch marks too. I’ve used it and it helped to fade mine from my pregnancy. They were almost gone after only a week of using it. So something can be done for the pesky white ones too =].

  2. I’ve tried every cream on the market almost. The only thing that was working is the laser treatment. Unfortunately it’s $100 a pop and I need 6 more to go. =(

  3. Shea butter helps to fade away old stretch..mine are almost not even visible I have been usin Shea butter everyday almost for 6 months

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