Jul 272010
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Many people despair about the number of calories they have to cut compared to their appetite. These individuals do not realize that it is not about the quantity of calories, its about the quality of the food. You can actually eat more and gain less weight simply by changing your diet around! Here are a few examples:

You can eat all this:

  • A turkey breast with 2tbsp gravy
  • 180g green beans
  • 1tbsp toasted almonds
  • A serving spoon of roasted new potatoes

330 calories, total fat 8gr

Or just this:

225g mashed potato

330 calories, total fat 18gr

You can eat all this:

  • 1 english muffin with 2tsp peanut butter
  • 150ml low fat Greek yoghurt and 2 tbsp honey
  • 200g strawberries
  • A boiled egg
  • A large coffee with skimmed milk

430 calories, total fat 12g

Or just this:

Banana and nut muffin

530 calories, total fat 23g

You can eat all this:

  • A grilled chicken breast
  • Green beans
  • A serving spoon of mashed potato
  • Gravy
  • Salad with light italian dressing

360 calories, total fat 21g

Or just this:

One fried chicken breast

370 calories, total fat 21g

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  1. Love this! Seeing it all weighed out like that is great! It’s amazing how much more satisfied you feel and how much more you can feel good about eating when what you’re eating is clean and whole!

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