What is Fat and Why Do We Need It?


What is Fat Get Rid of Fat

As the popular cartoon action series ‘G.I. Joe’ was fond of stating, “Knowing is half the battle”. This is true of complex logistics and tactical situations and it is also true in fighting fat. In order to lose your unwanted pounds you first need to learn what fat is and what causes it to develop. Once you fully understand what are you doing, and why, the results of your weight loss

efforts will come faster. Deliberate actions are always more effective.

All true food products consist of food substances that are more or less rich with energy inducing substances. They also include vitamins, salt, microelements, cellulose and water.

The food we eat contains energy in the form of nutrients such as protein, fats and carbohydrates. Our body splits these substances into other less energy-rich compounds. Free energy is being extracted during this process, energy that is essential for vital functions.

The main principle behind losing weight is easy to understand. If you don’t get enough energy from food, it will be produced from stored supplies such as fat. When this happens you lose weight. However, if you overeat, all of the extra energy gathered will be stored as future supplies. You will gain weight. To keep your weight stable, the energy you take into your body should be equal to the amount of energy you expend.

Fat cells are adipocytes. An Adipocite is made of a big glob of that moves other cell elements, including the nucleus, to periphery locations. Storing fat is a normal physiological process. It is essential for survival. The main aim of fat cell creation is to store energy in the form of fat. At the expense of fat, the human body can starve for almost two months. Also adipose tissue stores water in the body. We need fat for heat insulation. The body uses it to produce female hormones. Adipose tissue also protects our organs mechanically. These are not even all of the known functions of fat. So, we need our fat.

What is adipose tissue?

Adipose tissue is an accumulation of fat cells. These cells are formed in fat deposits situated under the skin and around inner organs. They are also found under connective tissue membranes that cover the muscles. All fat tissue is divided into separate globules of different shape and size by interlayers of loose connective tissue. Blood and lymphatic vessels go throughout the interlayers and surrounding groups of fat cells. Every fat cell maintains contact with at least one capillary. This allows various substances to enter into the cell while waste products can be removed from it.

When you are obese fat cell numbers increase dramatically. The needed contact with essential capillaries breaks and metabolism within that cell ceases. Cells that are in this situation are not being cleansed of their waste products. The fat tissue soon becomes a waste dump.

There are tree layers of fat tissue. The hypodermic layer is in charge of our proportions and body lines. It covers all parts of the body and has differing levels of thickness and density in various locations. Cellulite is in this layer. The hypodermic layer thickness depends on the thickness of the fat fold. It is very easy to define fold thickness. Stand or sit in an upright position then grab a fat fold with two fingers. The space between your fingers is the thickness of your hypodermic fat layer at that location. This kind of fat is the easiest to get rid of.

The second layer is located deeper underneath your muscular tissue. It is one of our “strategic” stocks for our body. The Third layer is situated in the abdominal cavity and is known as visceral fat. Outwardly, it is noticeable as the well known pot-belly. Sometimes the hypodermic layer thickness can be quite smile while your waist layer is quite large. This means that visceral fat predominates in your body. It is common knowledge that having a waist that is too wide is dangerous to your health.

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