Coffee Diet


Coffee Diet

is one of the more significant aspects of modern life for many people. Roughly two billion people drink it every day. This caffeinated beverage helps us wake up, become more cheerful while working, and provides us with an opportunity to chat with friends or hold business meetings at local coffee houses. Despite the world-wide love of coffee it has been noted for having a bad reputation among nutritionists.

Nearly every diet forbids the drinking of coffee along with salt, sugar, alcohol, and black tea. Should this force those of us battling weight issues to give up on coffee? No, there are actual benefits for its consumption. Caffeine activates oxygen consumption by tissues and speeds up fat lipolysis. Beyond those factors, caffeine also reduces appetite and prevents overeating.

These effects are the reason why caffeine is included in every weight loss dietary supplement of note. If you want the same effect without the supplements or cutting coffee simply change the way you drink it.

Coffee Diet Rule № 1.

They say that people are of two types. The first type can live without morning coffee and the second type cannot. You will have an easier time of loosing weight if you belong to the first type. Coffee should never be the first meal of the day. Try drinking a single cup after a healthy breakfast. During the day drink coffee only between meals, it will reduce your cravings and protect you from overeating. Abstain from coffee in the evening. Even if it does not affect your sleep cycle. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and does not allow your brain to fully relax during sleep.

Coffee Diet Rule № 2.

During the day try not to drink more than one or two cups of coffee. Why so few, you might ask? Research has shown that only one to two coffee mugs per day can stimulate the nervous system. Drinking coffee more frequently causes addiction and seriously increases your blood pressure. If you have a coffee addiction try to slowly decrease the number of cups per day.

Coffee Diet Rule №3.

Replace instant coffee with coffee seeds. Instant coffee is fast and tasty, but it leads to swelling, irritates the bowels, and most importantly it provokes cellulite development. It is best to buy coffee beans and grind them just before you make coffee. If your office does not own a coffee machine, prepare it at home and put it in thermos. Try to persuade your office to buy a coffee machine.

Coffee Diet Rule №4.

You drink coffee with sugar? You do not have to change your habits, but only if you drink no more than one or two mugs a day. If you usually drink more than that or consume a lot of sugar during the day, use a sugar substitute. Do not eat cup-cakes, cookies, or candy with coffee. Choose dark chocolate instead. If you prefer coffee with cream, go for skimmed milk instead. It might be not that tasty, but helps to lose weight.

Coffee Diet Rule №5.

It is highly recommended that you do not drink coffee if you have a gastric or duodenal ulcer, hyperacid gastritis, insomnia, podagra, or urolithiasis. One should seriously cut back on drinking coffee after they turn forty. This aromatic drink increases excretion of calcium from bones and increases the risk of senile osteoporosis.


Coffee Experiments.

While preparing your coffee try to add in a spoon of cocoa. This will provide you with a natural antidepressant tonic. Try to use syrup instead of sugar. A few suggestions are caramel, vanilla, cherry, nut, and chocolate. Coffee syrups are sold in coffee houses. Want to taste something exotic? Go for Turkish coffee. It is very easy to cook and looks pretty exotic. It is usually served in tiny cups that look similar to elongated espresso cups.

How do you prepare Turkish coffee?

* Get a pot and put as much water inside as the number of cups of coffee you wish to make.
* Add coffee (1 little spoon for each cup)
* Add sugar if you wish.

Usually, when I make moderately sweet coffee I add three tea spoons of sugar. Put the pot on the stove and wait. Do not go anywhere because the minute you turn your back on coffee it will boil over. When it starts to boil, immediately take it off of the stove and pour it into cups. Turkish coffee is not supposed to be mixed. The coffee granules settle on the bottom.

Everything is good within reasonable limits. Drink coffee, do not forbid yourself from enjoying this pleasure.  However, drink it properly prepared so that you will fully enjoy all of the delights of this cheerful drink.

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