Jul 042010

Most girls dreams of losing just a little weight. We think if we can only lose five more pounds, then we’d have ‘it’. Whatever it is supposed to be changes from one of us to the next, but many of us still want ‘it’. We dream about it for years. It is heard in the background noise of our minds as we live our lives. It constantly taunts us as we struggle along waiting for the moment when we will have the dream body we desire and our ‘new life’ will finally start.

We belive that life will change after we lose weight. We dream about how cool our new life will be. We even buy clothes for our slimmer version. Of course, starting from ‘tomorrow’ and then onward we diet heavily, and of course it doesn’t work. The truth is that dieting does not work the way we that we think that it should.

How does a beautiful girl look? She has beautifully cut hair that is healthy, shiny, and smooth. She has clean and healthy skin with a fresh complexion. She is dressed with good taste in mind and she doesn’t wear too much gaudy jewelry. Continue reading »