Jul 042010

The Kremlin diet is based on counting points that are assigned to food products. The goal of this diet is to keep yourself from exceeding the maximum allotted number of points. You can literally eat anything you like but only if your point totals match up with the maximum.

Basically, this weight loss concept turns calorie counting and reducing your intake of fat or sugar into something resembling a game. It is actually quite fun because you have no limit of the type of food you can eat, only the point totals. Some people have lost up to 30-50 kilos (66-111 pounds). However, the average weight loss is usually around 4.5% of the initial body weight of the dieter in any given year. Of course, if you weigh more then you can lose more overall on this diet.

Add in a bit of exercise, and try to add up your point totals using healthy and nutritious foods instead of quick processed snacks. This will increase your actual weight loss significantly.