How to Lose Weight Quickly

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May 072012

How to Lose Weight Quickly

Although there are no magic remedies for losing weight quickly, there are a number of common sense guidelines that individuals can follow in order to lose weight quickly and safely. Reducing the number of calories that you consume is the quickest way to weight loss, however, getting thirty minutes of aerobic exercise will also burn calories and hasten weight loss as well. In addition to decreasing your caloric intake and exercising, staying hydrated also helps beat the battle of the bulge. Drinking plenty of water stokes the metabolism, which helps burn calories faster. Staying hydrated also helps flush out harmful toxins from the body as well, and assists in optimal urinary and kidney health. Continue reading »

Aug 152010

Tea with Milk for Detox Day

Detox day based on tea with milk became famous because it is easy to maintain and gives good results. During detox day you can loose between 1- 4.5 lbs. The amount of weight you can lose depends on factors such as your body mass and water volume. If you have a tendency toward storing excess water you will probably lose more overall weight due to that factor.

The milk and tea detoxification method should not be done more than once per week. If you are lactose intolerant, or have kidney disease, do not undertake the milk and tea detox day program.
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Healthy Eating Habits to Help Slim Your Body

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Jul 252010

Slimming Body Diet Advice

Healthy habits will help you remove excess weight, improve your complexion, and improve your physical health overall. Take your time and slowly introduce these new habits into your life. You will need to be resolute in the face of distractions and obstacles. Say no to that piece of cake and never let it see you sweat. Well, never let it see you sweat unless it’s time to hit the gym!

Always keep in mind how good the following tips are for your body. Keeping this in mind has always helped me, and it will probably do the same for you! Continue reading »