What is Fat and Why Do We Need It?

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Jul 042010

What is Fat Get Rid of Fat

As the popular cartoon action series ‘G.I. Joe’ was fond of stating, “Knowing is half the battle”. This is true of complex logistics and tactical situations and it is also true in fighting fat. In order to lose your unwanted pounds you first need to learn what fat is and what causes it to develop. Once you fully understand what are you doing, and why, the results of your weight loss efforts will come faster. Deliberate actions are always more effective.

All true food products consist of food substances that are more or less rich with energy inducing substances. They also include vitamins, salt, microelements, cellulose and water. Continue reading »

Jul 042010

Diets with Reducing Fat

There are many pros and cons when it comes to fat reduction diets. The point of these diets is obviously to reduce fat. A few of the key offenders that people consume frequently are French fries, mayonnaise, sausage, fatty meat, and bacon. However, despite the fact that these food sources are loaded with fat people will eat them then turn around and practically bite your head off if you don’t offer them 0% fat yogurt as an option. This is akin to people who eat a lot of fast food then insist on buying diet Pepsi instead of the non-diet version. It’s not really helping, now is it?

Fat reduction diets can be useful if you constantly overindulge in fat. However, eating fat is actually a healthy dietary choice. Without these fats you may develop a liposoluble vitamin deficiency. Issues such as osteoporosis may occur as well. Without proper fat intake you may suffer from constipation and bowel movement malfunctions. Instead of cutting out fat altogether, try to limit overindulgence and simply choose healthier fat sources to consume.