Nov 242010


If you need a weekly diet plan from a celebrity nutritionist for free, check out the weekly diet plan below.

Have you ever noticed how slim and pretty many Russian girls are? The following diet plan was made by a very famous Russian celebrity nutritionist named Margarita Koroleva.

Follow this weekly diet plan while learning how certain food sources combine and the proper amounts of which foods to eat at what times!
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Aug 212010

Marie claire diet advice

Allow me to introduce you to a weight loss plan from one of the best magazines on the market, Marie Claire. This fast and effective weight loss diet will have you both slimmer and healthier in very short order! This weight loss plan consists of two time periods. The first one lasts seven days. It is devoted to rapid weight loss. The second period lasts for two weeks and acts as a stabilizing period. This part of the program improves the overall results of the process and will help you adapt it to your normal eating methods.

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