Diets With Reducing Carbohydrates

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Jul 042010

Diets with Reducing Carbohydrates

Diets of this type are based around the reduction of carbohydrates. Typically, they advise that you consume carbohydrates equivalent to only 20-30% of daily food value of suggested carbohydrate consumption.  The most famous diet of this type is the Atkins diet. During the first few weeks on it you will be allowed to eat a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Over time you will be able to slowly increase that amount up to 70 grams. However, you will have to continue eating this way throughout your life. At first your body weight will decrease dramatically, but this is not fat loss. You lose glycogen in your muscles due to the fact that you are not supplying your body with the normal amounts of water and glucose it is used to. Continue reading »

Diets With Increasing Carbohydrates

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Jul 042010

Increasing carbohydrates diet

Diets that are designed around increasing carbohydrate intake while decreasing fat intake are often referred to as ‘high-carb, low-fat’ diets. One type of diet of this type was offered by Dr. Dean Ornish alongside a few other authors. The diet was meant for people with coronary disease, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. The daily energy needs for those who undertake the diet are covered by carbs and even then, it was at only 65-70% of the needed amount. The diet has a lot of variability and it is not that hard to maintain. However, it does have a disadvantage in that it is not balanced. It requires additional vitamins and protein additives for a complete and healthy lifestyle. Diets that work on this principle of increasing carbs are very similar to vegetarian diets.