Aug 092010


If you are a peanut snacker try to avoid and choose the healthier alternatives:

301 calorie and 26.5g fat in 50 pack.




Healthier alternatives …

A handful of low-fat crisps

94 calories, 3.9g fat

40g of fruit and nut mix

183 calories, 18.1g fat

Cereal bar

142 calories, 6.5g fat


What else can you change in your daily meals in order to eat healthier?

  • Swap whole milk for skimmed milk and save 95 calories for each 300 ml.
  • Swap butter for low-fat spread and save 15 calories with each tbsp.
  • Swap mayonnaise for fat-free dressing and save 95 calories with each tbsp.
  • Swap soft ice cream for sherbet or ice pop and save 150 calories each portion.

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