Jul 042010

Blood Types Diet

Despite many claims to the contrary, the blood type diet does not have any actual known scientific basis. This diet is based on the theory that initially all human beings had only one blood type, type A. Human kind was mostly eating meat during their initial forays into existence. With that thought in mind it is believed that nowadays people with blood type A should do low carb diets. Next, human kind mastered agriculture and started eating flour based food products. Continue reading »

Separate Nutrition: Herbert Shelton Style

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Jul 042010

Separate Nutrition

This diet is my favorite because it helped me to lose 5 kilo and change my life. This is because only 5 kilos were separating me from true happiness. Of course, when you are 15 the world and your priorities are a little different than those that some have.

How does separate nutrition work? The principle of separate nutrition was offered by American doctor Herbert Shelton. Herbert Shelton is a noted hygienist, as well as a doctor of literature and philosophy. The principle is based on the theory that protein and carbohydrate food is being digested by different medium. The theory is that protein is dissolved in an acid medium and carbohydrates are dissolved in an alkaline medium. Continue reading »

Not Eating After 6pm Actually Helps Your Diet

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Jul 042010

Eating After 6pm

This weight loss idea is very widespread. The general concept involves not eating anything after 6pm, thus forcing your body to expend all of the extra calories that you have eaten throughout the day. Does it work? Well, of course it does! This diet works mainly because you are practically starving yourself for one-third of your day, each day.

There are many nutritionists that are actively against using this diet because of the starvation factor. It is considered to be a major stress on the body. It is also quite hard to maintain in real life. In the course of a typical work day many people do not come home until after 7 pm, or later. It is very hard for them to eat their dinner prior to 6pm since it does not coincide with their schedule.

I personally suggest using this diet with a few alterations to make it work for you. There is a simple and easy alteration that you can make. Change the diet so that you do not eat for four hours before you go the bed. If you don’t go to bed until midnight, then don’t eat after 8pm. If you don’t go to bed until 2 am, don’t eat after ten. It’s as simple as that!