Jul 272010

Good Food

Many people despair about the number of calories they have to cut compared to their appetite. These individuals do not realize that it is not about the quantity of calories, its about the quality of the food. You can actually eat more and gain less weight simply by changing your diet around! Here are a few examples:

lose weight by eating more diet plan potato

You can eat all this:

  • A turkey breast with 2tbsp gravy
  • 180g green beans
  • 1tbsp toasted almonds
  • A serving spoon of roasted new potatoes

330 calories, total fat 8gr

lose weight by eating more diet plan potato

Or just this:

225g mashed potato

330 calories, total fat 18gr

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Healthy Eating Habits to Help Slim Your Body

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Jul 252010

Slimming Body Diet Advice

Healthy habits will help you remove excess weight, improve your complexion, and improve your physical health overall. Take your time and slowly introduce these new habits into your life. You will need to be resolute in the face of distractions and obstacles. Say no to that piece of cake and never let it see you sweat. Well, never let it see you sweat unless it’s time to hit the gym!

Always keep in mind how good the following tips are for your body. Keeping this in mind has always helped me, and it will probably do the same for you! Continue reading »

What is Fat and Why Do We Need It?

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Jul 042010

What is Fat Get Rid of Fat

As the popular cartoon action series ‘G.I. Joe’ was fond of stating, “Knowing is half the battle”. This is true of complex logistics and tactical situations and it is also true in fighting fat. In order to lose your unwanted pounds you first need to learn what fat is and what causes it to develop. Once you fully understand what are you doing, and why, the results of your weight loss efforts will come faster. Deliberate actions are always more effective.

All true food products consist of food substances that are more or less rich with energy inducing substances. They also include vitamins, salt, microelements, cellulose and water. Continue reading »