Aug 052010

How To Lose Weight

One of the main reasons behind obesity is banal over eating. In our distant past it took great effort to find food. Most of the time the energy they received from consuming food was exceeded by the energy they had to spend to get it. When creating us mother nature did not plan out our evolutionary genetics with the idea of massive food courts and fast food in mind. Nowadays we hardly ever walk significant distances. We barely have to move most of the time! However, this is not the failing that most weight loss gurus claim. We are hard wired genetically to avoid spending energy when we don’t have to. As a result, in the current era people who are not lucky enough to have a very high metabolism will have two, three, or a great deal more pounds of extra weight. These people were designed with true survival in mind and not just looking good in a speedo.

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Jul 272010

Good Food

Many people despair about the number of calories they have to cut compared to their appetite. These individuals do not realize that it is not about the quantity of calories, its about the quality of the food. You can actually eat more and gain less weight simply by changing your diet around! Here are a few examples:

lose weight by eating more diet plan potato

You can eat all this:

  • A turkey breast with 2tbsp gravy
  • 180g green beans
  • 1tbsp toasted almonds
  • A serving spoon of roasted new potatoes

330 calories, total fat 8gr

lose weight by eating more diet plan potato

Or just this:

225g mashed potato

330 calories, total fat 18gr

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