Aug 212010

Marie claire diet advice

Allow me to introduce you to a weight loss plan from one of the best magazines on the market, Marie Claire. This fast and effective weight loss diet will have you both slimmer and healthier in very short order! This weight loss plan consists of two time periods. The first one lasts seven days. It is devoted to rapid weight loss. The second period lasts for two weeks and acts as a stabilizing period. This part of the program improves the overall results of the process and will help you adapt it to your normal eating methods.

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Aug 152010

Tea with Milk for Detox Day

Detox day based on tea with milk became famous because it is easy to maintain and gives good results. During detox day you can loose between 1- 4.5 lbs. The amount of weight you can lose depends on factors such as your body mass and water volume. If you have a tendency toward storing excess water you will probably lose more overall weight due to that factor.

The milk and tea detoxification method should not be done more than once per week. If you are lactose intolerant, or have kidney disease, do not undertake the milk and tea detox day program.
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