Jul 042010

Diets with reducing calories

Always remember this simple truth, if you want to lose weight you will need to expend more calories than you consume. The main points of most weight loss diets are based on this rule. If you reduce your daily caloric intake by 600 during the course of a month you can lose between 2-6 kilos (5-12 pounds).

If you reduce daily calories by 800 during the first month you can lose between 10-20 kilo (20-40 pounds). The greater your original weight the more weight you will lose. However, the more calories you reduce the harder dieting will be for you. Continue reading »

Jul 042010

Diets with Reducing Fat

There are many pros and cons when it comes to fat reduction diets. The point of these diets is obviously to reduce fat. A few of the key offenders that people consume frequently are French fries, mayonnaise, sausage, fatty meat, and bacon. However, despite the fact that these food sources are loaded with fat people will eat them then turn around and practically bite your head off if you don’t offer them 0% fat yogurt as an option. This is akin to people who eat a lot of fast food then insist on buying diet Pepsi instead of the non-diet version. It’s not really helping, now is it?

Fat reduction diets can be useful if you constantly overindulge in fat. However, eating fat is actually a healthy dietary choice. Without these fats you may develop a liposoluble vitamin deficiency. Issues such as osteoporosis may occur as well. Without proper fat intake you may suffer from constipation and bowel movement malfunctions. Instead of cutting out fat altogether, try to limit overindulgence and simply choose healthier fat sources to consume.

Jul 042010

Diets with Reducing Carbohydrates

Diets of this type are based around the reduction of carbohydrates. Typically, they advise that you consume carbohydrates equivalent to only 20-30% of daily food value of suggested carbohydrate consumption.  The most famous diet of this type is the Atkins diet. During the first few weeks on it you will be allowed to eat a maximum of 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Over time you will be able to slowly increase that amount up to 70 grams. However, you will have to continue eating this way throughout your life. At first your body weight will decrease dramatically, but this is not fat loss. You lose glycogen in your muscles due to the fact that you are not supplying your body with the normal amounts of water and glucose it is used to. Continue reading »