Jan 272011

fight with cellulite

There are many reasons that cellulite may begin to appear. In order to conquer this unsightly issue we must begin by discovering the reasons that are specific to your body. Read the following list to determine which reasons are the cause for the cellulite you have. The Types are water based cellulite, fatty diet related cellulite, and sugar related cellulite.

Excessive Water Storage

It is typical for water based cellulite to;

Cellulite Diet Will Help You to Get Rid of Cellulite

* Be situated on hips and buttocks
* Found in conjunction with varicose veins
* Be the first stage of cellulite appearance, typically this type is seen during the first year.
* Be found in conjunction with stretch marks on the hips and legs.

It is common for a woman’s body to store excess water due to hormonal issues and varicose veins. The way to combat this issue is reduce food consumption that may lead to over-storage of water. These foods include salt, milk casein (protein), and any food you may be allergic too. In order to correct this problem begin to consume more types of food which contain the vitamins E, C, K, and P.

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Nov 302010

get rid of stretch marks

What can ruin our body image just as easily as cellulite? If your answer was stretch marks you are correct! Stretch marks look like small white scars under the skin. Why do these tiny scars appear? They are caused when the internal layers of your skin are ruptured. When stretch marks initially appear they will be reddish in color. This is not a good thing, but it does allow you the opportunity to heal your damaged skin before they become permanent stretch marks. These reddish lines are a sign that your skin has not completely separated yet. However, when your stretch marks turn while they are cicatrized.

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