New Technologies for Weight Loss


We live in the 21st century. You would think that by now scientists would have finally invented a magic pill that you can take at night in order to wake up the next morning with your body slim and toned in all the right places!

Inspite of the fact that people are so powerful they rule the world, they are still being ruled by their own genetic nature. However, don’t count those wacky scientists out yet. They still have something for us. They have invented food that actually makes you slender!

There is a group of diets based on artificial made food. These diets consist of the Fit Well, the cambridge, and the eurodiets. Those who adhere to these diets will buy artificially made food created through a process wherein carbodydrates, proteins, and fats are carefully counted. These dieters are only allowed to eat these artificially crafted super meals. Of course, this sort of highly focused nutritional concept will help you lose weight and maintain optimal health. It’s the same sort of food menu creation concept that is used to turn your dog into a highly motivated and energetic pet. Once you finish the diet, however, it becomes hard to go back to eating normal food and the results will disappear rapidly.

A diagnostic laboratory test suggested in the 1980s discovered how some particular food products affect blood cells such as white blood cells and platelets. Human blood was placed into a test tube with food extract. If these blood cells changed their shape it meant that this particular food product can lead to fat accumulation and should be reduced. This method was registered in Britain under the name Nutrition Test.

Two food product lists were created according to the test results. These lists were titled the Allowed and Prohibited food lists. This method is used because it real works. The best part of how it works is that the allowed and prohibited food lists are usually pretty obvious. They can can be given to you by any nutritionist. If you follow the recommendations on the list it impossible not to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the Nutrition Test method does not have a serious scientific base nor were clinical trials performed to test the hypothetical concepts. Another bit of bad news for this technological approach to weight loss is that human blood constantly changes due to hormonal fluctuations. For example, you may be tested today and told that bread is prohibited to you. However, tomorrow your blood composition may change and bread would be perfectly fine to eat.

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