How to Lose Weight? Start From Your Head!


How To Lose Weight

One of the main reasons behind obesity

is banal over eating. In our distant past it took great effort to find food. Most of the time the energy they received from consuming food was exceeded by the energy they had to spend to get it. When creating us mother nature did not plan out our evolutionary genetics with the idea of massive food courts and fast food in mind. Nowadays we hardly ever walk significant distances. We barely have to move most of the time! However, this is not the failing that most weight loss gurus claim. We are hard wired genetically to avoid spending energy when we don’t have to. As a result, in the current era people who are not lucky enough to have a very high metabolism will have two, three, or a great deal more pounds of extra weight. These people were designed with true survival in mind and not just looking good in a speedo.

If you are good at putting on weight you are actually better designed than the super thin people with high metabolisms. In truly hard times your body would be much more efficient at maintaining energy levels. However, unless the fall of civilization happens most of us will struggle our entire lives to avoid overeating, while we continually try to lose weight.

Our fat cells are made by nature to take care of us. They feed us when we are hungry and warm us when we are cold. These cells are designed to literally grab any extra calorie they can find and carefully process it for storage and later use. If you make the fat cell starve, it will double its efforts to find and save extra calories because fat cells are not self-aware. They do not know when you will eat again. If this is the case, how do you lose weight effectively?

Many of us do not eat the whole day and in the evening we consume massive meals. This is actually the best way to guarantee obesity. As explained above, starving provokes weight gain.

Have you ever seen a fat animal on discovery channel? How many fat leopards or giraffes have you had the chance to call butterball or Pudgy McPudgerstein? None? Me neither. It is because animals eat the exact amount of food they need to survive and not a bit more. This is also true with our own newborn children. Try to make a baby eat when he or she does not want to and see how that goes!

The Leptin hormone, discovered in 1994, is generated and sent to the hunger center in the brain slowing its activity. Research into this hormonal issue has caused many different forms of treatment for Leptin insufficiency are being developed in order to combat obesity. Constant overeating leads to abnormalities in hunger center activities. These abnormalities cause disruptions in conscious awareness when it comes to understanding when you are full and when you are hungry. In short, Leptin deficiency leads to an issue wherein the more you eat the more you want to eat.

How do you solve this problem? How do you lose weight once and for all? How can you finally stop the constant and largely ineffectual dieting? The Answer is to change the way you eat.

Think about how you eat and why do you start eating. For all of us food is a pleasure that has totally or partially replaced other pleasures like art, communication, and traveling. Typically, the reasons we eat outside of being hungry are tiredness, anger, disappointment, holidays, and simple companionship. From childhood we get used to food as a prize. We are taught, “If you behave you’ll get candy.” This conditioned reflex causes many of us to equate food with ‘doing good’. Food, in this regard, is always followed by positive emotions and distracts us from our daily worries. In the end we will inevitably gain extra pounds as a defense reaction of our body to discomfort. The desire to get food as pleasure, a prize, or an attempt to avoid punishment can lead to obesity.

Why are we like that? The answer is found in our childhood. Every child feels cravings for sweet food because it makes him or her calm. Parents use sweets and candies to comfort and relax their child, to establish good relations, avoid fighting, stimulate them to do unpleasant work, encourage them, and as a punishment they deprive the child of of food they enjoy. As a result the child will subconsciously develop a food stereotype, “When I am feeling bad I need to eat”.

The key to understanding the reason for your plumpness is the first step to truly managing your weight, and quick weight loss.

Think about whether the signs of eating for the wrong reasons is typical for your family.

  • Children are forced to finish all the food they have on their plate.
  • Food takes a big part in family life without other pleasures being developed as a healthy alternative to family dinner time. Does your family do anything together except eat on a regular basis?
  •   Children are being fed whether they are hungry or not.
  • Children are not being taught how to deal with stress effectively leading to the strengthening of the stereotype ‘when I am feeling bad I need to eat’.

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