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Instead of eating the following food for breakfast…

A Large bowl of cereal wıth whole milk, a glass of orange juice, and a large latte.

Calories 558, Total fat 18.8g


…try the healthier alternatives:

2 slices of toast with low-fat
spread (1 with jam)
200 ml of orange juice
Coffee with semi-skimmed milk
Calories 306, Total fat 4.7g
Porridge with skimmed milk and dried fruit
A Large coffee with skimmed milk
Calories 330, Total fat 3.5g
Skinny peach and raspberry muffin
Plain yogurt
A mug of coffee with semi-skimmed milk
Calories 313, Total fat 5.6g


If you prefer a more serious breakfast then instead of the following breakfast…

1 fried egg, 2 slices of fried bacon
1 fried tomato and some fried mushrooms
1 slice of toast and butter
1 coffee with whole milk

Calories 676, Total fat 49.2g


…try the healthier alternatives

1 slice of ham
1/2 can of low-sugar, low-salt, baked beans
1 slice of toast with low-fat spread
1 glass of apple juice
Calories 344, Total fat 4.6g
2 scrambled eggs
Toast with low-fat spread
1 grilled tomato
Grilled mushrooms
Coffee with semi-skimmed milk
Calories 333, Total fat 16.8g
1 small piece of smoked haddock (125g)
1 slice of bread with low-fat spread
1 glass of cranberry juice
Calories 343, Total fat 8.0g


For lunch instead of this…

Prawn mayo sandwich
1 large packet of chips

Calories 825, Total fat 55.5g


… try the healthier alternatives:

Small portion of pasta (150g)
with 1tsp pesto, 1/2 large chicken breast
4 cocked cherry tomatoes
1 banana
Calories 418, Total fat 11g
Home-made ham salad sandwich
Diet yogurt
Calories 268, Total fat 4.9g
Pitta bread stuffed
with 1/2 small tin of salmon
Cucumber chunks mixed with
1 tbsp plain yogurt
Seasoned with lemon juice
and black pepper, pineapple slices
Calories 354, Total fat 4.7g


Instead of this for dinner…

three small slices of garlic bread

Calories 929, Total fat 42.1g

… try the healthier alternatives

Spaghetti Bolognese
(made from 60g spaghetti, a chopped onion fried in 1tbsp olive oil,
125g lean minced beef and
200g chopped tomatoes with a pinch
of mixed herbs)
served with mixed green salad and balsamic vinegar
Calories 549, Total fat 18.7g
Grilled tuna steak (150g)
Boiled new potatoes (180g)
1 serving of peas
1 serving of carrots
Calories 413, Total fat 8.8g
Chicken with curries rice
(mix 60g boiled rice with mixed vegetables and
1tbsp curry paste and serve
with a grilled chicken breast)
Calories 412, Total fat 5.1g
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