Separate Nutrition: Herbert Shelton Style


Separate Nutrition

This diet

is my favorite because it helped me to lose 5 kilo and change my life. This is because only 5 kilos were separating me from true happiness. Of course, when you are 15 the world and your priorities are a little different than those that some have.

How does separate nutrition work? The principle of separate nutrition was offered by American doctor Herbert Shelton. Herbert Shelton is a noted hygienist, as well as a doctor of literature and philosophy. The principle is based on the theory that protein and carbohydrate food is being digested by different medium. The theory is that protein is dissolved in an acid medium and carbohydrates are dissolved in an alkaline medium.

The theory is that if you eat protein and carbohydrates during one meal the mediums will neutralize each other and cause a disruption in your digestion. There are many reasonable bits of advice that Dr. Shelton’s method about organization of eating right have provided. This is one of the reasons why it has become very wide spread. However, the theoretical basis of this theory couldn’t stand the test of time. When the concept is viewed from the position of modern knowledge about physiology and chemistry it makes no sense. İt is a known fact now that protein and carbohydrates go well together.

If modern science is right then why does separate nutrition method work? The secret is very simple. When you eat separately you can eat almost anything but not at the same time. For instance you can have tea with chocolate or cake but you can’t eat sandwiches and hamburgers or with cheese, ham, meat, caviar etc. You can’t eat meat with potatoes or pasta. Eggs should be eaten separately from any other food. You also can’t eat soup with bread. Meat should be eaten with vegetables.

If you were to follow these rules then when the family sits down to dinner and eats meat with potatoes you are in violation of the rules of this diet. You would have to choose to either eat meat with vegetables, or potatoes with vegetables. Thus your dinner has less calories. You should also take a 30 minute break between eating different food types.
If you don’t mix protein and carbohydrate food types you don’t feel heaviness in your stomach. However, the same thing is true if you don’t overeat.

You can maintain separate nutrition standards throughout your life. The main draw back is the possibility that if you do maintain it for a long time your body may ‘forget’ how to digest carbs and proteins when eaten at the same time. This can lead to disruption in your digestive capacity. Personally, I haven’t followed this theory in many years and my weight has remained stable. Take that bit of information any way you like!

Herbert Shelton Diet Separate Nutrition

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