Aug 262010

3 Day Miracle Diet

How can you lose weight fast without damaging your health? Try the three day miracle detox program

created by Dr. Stanley Bass! Dr. Bass spent 50 years researching methods of detoxifying the body quickly and efficiently. Some of his methods included dietary concepts and fasting. The biggest discovery derived from his work is the realization that the best way to detoxify your bodily systems is to drink fruit juice.

He proved that drinking fruit and vegetable juice did more than simply provide the body with micro-elements and other nutritional sources. It provides energy and cleanses the body of toxins. The second item of note that he discovered is the amount of juice that you should consume per day.

You should drink fruit juice on a level that compares with the intensity of your detox program. Fruit juices are typically higher in calories than you might think. It may be best to focus on detoxifying  your body first, then weight loss if you need to drink a large amount of juice per day.

All juices used for detoxification must be freshly squeezed. You can use apples, carrots with oats, barley, or ginger. Feel free to drink lemon juice, herbal teas, and as much water as you like as well. In fact, you should drink at least ten cups of water per day. Dilute fresh juice with water in a 3:1 proportion. Do not drink orange or tomato juice.


First Day

During the first day your body burns glycogen faster. Once it reaches a critical point it will start to burn fat with greater speed.

Apple-carrot juice – 2-3 glasses

Ginger tea – 2 glasses

Apple juice with lemon and ginger – 2 glasses

Second Day

Ketosis has begun. Your fat cells are being separated into ketons.

Apple juice – 2 glasses

Carrot-spinach juice – 2 glasses

Water with lemon juice – 2 glasses


Third Day

Body processes stabilization has been been reached

Cucumber juice – 2 glasses

Smallage (celery) – carrot – 3 glasses

Herb tea with dogrose – 2 glasses

This 3 days miracle diet will not only help you to lose weight fast, but also will clean your body of the toxins that are stored in your fat. You will feel fresh, strong, and begin to develop a beautiful complexion.

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